Custom Designed Yearbooks

Sit back & let YOLO create your Custom Designed yearbook

If a professional, custom designed yearbook is important to you, then our ‘Designed by YOLO’ package may be the best choice for your school.

From design concepts to delivery, YOLO will design and manage every aspect of your yearbook production so that you don’t have to. Whether you are after a yearbook that is printed, digital, or both, we can help you to achieve your vision.

Keep track of the project using our complimentary yearbook planning software. Benefits include: automatic reminders (no more chasing!), centralised article submission and content storage.

Main stages of the yearbook process

01 Design brief

Look at our Pinterest boards and create your own Pinterest board with your design ideas. Fill out the design brief and send it back to YOLO.

02 Design samples

We will create design concepts based on your Pinterest boards and design brief. Give us your feedback and we refine until it is just right.

03 Supply content & page plan

Using our yearbook management software create your page plan and allocate staff to the articles.

04 Page layout

YOLO will lay out all supplied text and photos in accordance with your plan. Your yearbook cover will also be designed and laid out. On request, we will send hard copy proofs to help you with your proofing.

05 Proofing rounds

Use our online editing software add any design alteration comments as needed and make all text corrections. We will carry out the design corrections and make a final proof available to you for approval.

06 Printing and delivery

Upon receiving your approval to print, we will carry out our in-house pre-press checks, generate the press-ready file and send it to print. Your books will be delivered two weeks later to your school or mail house.

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Customised Yearbooks FAQ

  • There are no hidden costs with YOLO and we will make sure to be as transparent as possible throughout your project. You will receive a project estimate prior to commencing, and this price will only change if there is an increase/decrease in book quantity or page count.

  • With ‘Designed by YOLO’, after sending all material to YOLO, it will take 8 weeks for your books to be ready for delivery. This 8 week period includes printing as well as all layout and proofing rounds. It is a good idea to begin your initial yearbook planning early in the school year. This gives you time to gather content and think about design so that it is not a mad rush in Term 4!

  • On receiving your desired delivery date, we will work out a production timeline and send these to you. This timeline includes some flexibility for date dependant material such as prize giving. As long as you adhere to your deadlines and send in all required material, YOLO will be able to meet your delivery date without a problem. 

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