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Digital Yearbooks

Take your school yearbook online!

YOLO provides the option of creating an ebook instead of a printed version. This is a great option for your school if you are working within a tight budget, or would like to try designing a book with a bit less pressure! Either create this yourself using our yearbook software or let YOLO bring your digital keepsake to life!

View your digital yearbook on any device, with any browser, or even make it searchable online. YOLO can customise the privacy options depending on the school. 

Main stages of the yearbook process

01 Optimising & Converting PDF

On creating or receiving a PDF to our specifications, we optimise and enhance yearbook PDF for digital output. We then convert this file for optimal viewing in main browsers and devices

02 Customising for school

Within the software we customise the publication by adding your school brand and permissions determined by you, such as security. We then test the publication across the top three browsers and devices.

03 Delivery and hosting

We provide link for school to distribute the publication via email or their website. We also host the digital yearbook for one year – subsequent years are a set cost for unlimited publications

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Digital Yearbooks FAQ

  • There are no hidden costs with YOLO and we will make sure to be as transparent as possible throughout your project. You will receive a project estimate prior to commencing, and we will work hard to ensure you the best price for your publication.

  • Yes! Once your yearbook has been created, we will provide a link which you can add to your website.

  • Unfortunately, there is no way of doing this.

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