special events books

Special Event Books

Choose between Designed by YOLO or Made by Me for your Special Event book

If you would like a book designed to commemorate a special school event, YOLO can help!

Let YOLO create your custom book that will be special enough to cherish for years to come. Our ‘Designed by YOLO’ option is perfect for you if you would like to hand over the workload and receive a book that you will love. We will organise all production stages and ensure that the design best reflects the nature of your school and your special event.

Prefer to be in control of the creative process? Capture the essence of your special event and custom design your own book with our ‘Made by Me’ package. Gain access to our easy to use software and create your keepsake for a lower cost

Types of Special Event Books

01 School Jubilee

Create a book to mark a school jubliee, or to celebrate your school’s history.

02 New Building Opening

Acknowledge the opening of a new building, or a new sports program.

03 Student Art Exhibition

Commemorate an art exhibition, school production, or cultural event.

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Specialised Books FAQ

  • There are no hidden costs with YOLO and we will make sure to be as transparent as possible throughout your project. You will receive a project estimate prior to commencing, and we will work hard to ensure you the best price for your publication.

  • Of course! With our ‘Made by Me’ package, you have the option of using our software but you are also free to use a program that you are more comfortable with.

  • If you are on the ‘Designed by YOLO’ plan, you won’t need to format and design your own pages. We will take care of this and create you a truly unique and special book.

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