Why Choose YOLO?

Find out why we think you should choose us for your next project!

If you were to ask our clients what they thought about us or were to look at our testimonials page,  you will see two common themes… ease and great design.

Easy to deal with, easy to talk to, easy to understand, the systems are easy to use… And that’s because making things easier by listening to what schools want, without compromising on quality is at the core of what we do.

Your job is hard and stressful enough – we can’t change that – but we can make sure that your yearbook, calendar & diary and specialist book projects are easy, while still being beautifully designed.

Top Reasons to Choose Us

01 One Cost

The quote we give you is the whole price for the project. There are no nasty surprises, we do not add extras. What we quote is what you pay.

02 Step-by-Step Process

We have honed our process to offer a complete system from start to finish. This means that we support you every step of the way, communicating all deadlines and production stages.

03 Quality Product

Whether we are creating a bespoke design that reflects your school ethos or organising print and delivery – we always make sure that the final product exceeds your expectations.

04 Project Management Software

The most frustrating/difficult area of producing a publication is often obtaining and organising content. We have created propriety software to take this headache away from you.

05 Online Editing Software

You no longer have to mark up corrections by hand, worry that the corrections have been misinterpreted or be the sole editor – with this online software.

06 Value for Money

A quality product combined with an experience that’s easy, yet within a school’s budget. Whether you want us to organise printing – or design and layout the whole publication – we have a variety of options to suit most budgets.

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  • There are no hidden costs with YOLO and we will make sure to be as transparent as possible throughout your project. You will receive a project estimate prior to commencing, and we will work hard to offer you the best price for your publication.

  • We will need your required delivery date in order to work out the production timeline. As long as you adhere to your deadlines and send in all required material, YOLO will be able to meet your delivery date without a problem. Typically, after you sign off on your yearbook, it will take another 2 weeks for your books to be printed, bound and delivered.

  • With ‘Designed by YOLO’, after sending all material to YOLO, it will take 6 weeks for your books to be ready for delivery. This 6 week period includes checking and making corrections, so let us know if you would prefer a longer schedule. It is a good idea to begin your initial yearbook planning early in the school year. This gives you time to gather content and think about design so that it is not a mad rush in Term 4!

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