Yearbook Options

With YOLO’s many yearbook options, we are sure to have something that will work for your school

If you are after a professional looking yearbook that does not take up all your time, our custom-designed plan can help you achieve your goals. If you choose our ‘Designed by YOLO’ plan, we will design and manage every aspect of the yearbook production so that you don’t have to!

Select our ‘Made by Me’ plan if you would like to have a go at designing your yearbook. You will gain access to our easy to use software and can even involve your students in the process!

If you are just after yearbook printing, our ‘Print Me’ option is right for you. We will make sure that your file is ‘print ready’ and give your publication the attention it deserves.

Interested in creating an ebook instead of a printed yearbook? This is a great option if you are working within a tight budget, or want to design a book under a bit less pressure!

Yearbook examples