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Design your own yearbook with our free and easy-to-use software

Create your own yearbook with our ‘Made by Me’ package, which gives you access to our easy to use yearbook software. This is a great option if you have never designed a yearbook before but want to give it a go, or if you want to involve students in the yearbook production process! Access templates, backgrounds and clipart, and utilise multi-user collaboration if you would like the yearbook to be a real team effort.

The ‘Made by Me’ yearbook software can be used for both digital and print yearbooks.

Main stages of the Made by Me yearbook process

01 Sign Up

Once the paperwork is sorted and the yearbook deposit has been paid we will send you a link and login to the online software.

02 Design and Layout

Using the provided software, design and lay out all the pages of your yearbook, including the covers.

03 Submit for Print

Once you are happy with the design and content of all your pages, you will need to approve and submit the yearbook for printing.

04 Check Printer Proof

Upon receiving your approval to print, we will download the press-ready file and send it to print. You will receive a hard copy proof from the printer for checking. 

05 Correct and Resubmit

If you find anything you would like to amend on the hard copy proofs, let us know and we will unlock the file for editing. Make your changes and resubmit for final printing.

06 Printing and delivery

Your final submitted file will be sent to the printer for printing and binding. Two weeks later your shiny new books will be delivered to your school or mail house.

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Made by Me Yearbooks FAQ

  • There are no hidden costs with YOLO and we will make sure to be as transparent as possible throughout your project. You will receive a project estimate prior to commencing, and we will work hard to ensure you the best price for your publication.

  • We require your desired delivery date in order to work out the production timeline. As long as you adhere to your deadlines and send in all required material, YOLO will be able to meet your delivery date without a problem. Typically, after you sign off on your yearbook, it will take another 2 weeks for your books to be printed, bound and delivered.

  • With ‘Made by Me’, it will take approximately 2.5 weeks after completing your book for it to be ready for delivery. Before this date, it is important to make sure all your content is corrected and arranged properly and ready for print. YOLO will also look over your book and suggest corrections where necessary. It is a good idea to begin your initial yearbook planning early in the school year. This gives you time to gather content and think about design so that it is not a mad rush in Term 4!

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